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Just as the name suggests, you will find free horse racing tips on this site. What sets us apart from other ‘free racing tips’ pages is that we list platforms instead of professional horse racing tips. We keep abreast of these platforms and strive to provide an objective and accurate picture of which tipster platforms with free racing tips are the best.

It is thus wholly free to use these platforms we report on.

Free Horse Racing Tips

There are several ways to make money from betting, and one of them is racing tips. Making money with free horse racing tips is probably what most of us imagine when talking about betting money. 

Tipster platforms with Free Racing Tips
Racing Tips: Free
Type: Platform

Tipster platform that gives out free racing tips to everyone. They also have paid services and other free racing services.
Bet Alchemist
Racing Tips: Paid
Type: Tipster

Bet Alchemist is a paid tipster service.
Betting Gods
Racing Tips: Free
Type: Platform

Tipster platform that gives out free racing tips to everyone. They also have paid services and other free racing services.
The Bookies Enemy
Racing Tips: Paid
Type: Tipster

The Bookies Enemy is a paid tipster service.

Betting of this type is somewhat peculiar in their form because there are always at least three straight options to choose from if you do not delve deep into the gaming markets and look for obscure games with ethical game values ​​to add. In tennis, for example, it can not be a draw, and there is always a winner in the trot. Then the odds look different too, but we will get to that.

If you want to make money from betting, odds betting can be an invaluable input to get a feel for how the lifestyle player can be and work.

Free racing tips today for the UK? 

Team sports in all glory, but if you want to win money properly and at the same time have good chances to live on it for a longer time to be able to make money on betting, finally, racing is the sport that you should bet on. However, this may be a bit difficult if you don’t follow the right tips.

Therefore, we have created easy access to the best free racing tips today in the UK. By merely marketing free services, with valuable racing tips

Those who feel that they are being ridden or already have a growing interest in horse racing should continue on the track and become a real horse gambler. It is challenging to get all the information you need, but the odds are also much better.

However, my advice is always to follow people who know what they are doing. Like, horse racing tipsters. 

Might be hard to find horse racing tips

It is difficult to make money from betting but not at all impossible. Many people do it all year round, and if you have a good enough playing strategy and sufficient good self-discipline, you can become one of them. 

However, you must read carefully about the bookies you want to use and what you want to bet on, and then just stick to the rules and find all the racing information you need. 

Make money on betting

Playing with money when it comes to sports is also called betting. It is becoming increasingly popular, and it may not be that strange. It can be exhilarating to see your favourite team win a match at the same time as you get a win that may be worth several times the effort.

make money with free racing tips

But is it possible to make money from betting? Of course, some do. For example, many people try to use the tips of others to make betting profitable. Of course, it is required that you are familiar with the sport and that you know the athletes and the team well. You should also have a sense of the day shape of those who will be competing. At the same time, it is essential to have ice in the stomach and to invest only when the right opportunity occurs. Not many masters the art.  


When you copy bet from professionals, you are using a tipster prediction. These predictions are becoming very popular in horse racing. Mainly because it let everyone win.

You don’t need to be a pro, and sometimes, you don’t even have to pay for the tips. These tips are called free horse racing tips. And believe me, there are plenty of them.

But how do you know if the free racing tips got any value? Well, you don’t till you tested them, I’m afraid. Therefore, you should only follow the best tipsters.

Tips to increase your chances of winning

If you want to make a serious attempt to make money from betting, you should have a well-thought-out and long-term strategy. How much money do you plan to invest per month? Which sports should you focus on? What sources should you use to get information and news about the team and players?

Be consistent and persistent with your strategy and change it only if you notice that it does not work in the long run. Write down and book for all the games you make. Then you can go back and look at your history and see what has been successful and not. Of course, you need to document exactly how much money you bet for, how much you lose and how much you win.

Most people probably think of horse racing or football when it comes to making money from betting. For example, you can focus on betting odds that are a prevalent form of play.

Start small

Start small with racing tips

Starting to play for small bucks can sound boring, especially if you are going to split it up so that it is sufficient for multiple games, but it is a great way to get started and learn without losing money. Many people who live on betting started small and then built their bankroll bigger and bigger. If you have found a system that works, nothing will stop you from being rich.

Use free racing tips

Another critical factor for betting is staying away from paid tipsters that don’t deliver winners. If you follow these paid tips, then you’ll lose twice—both the racing tips and the subscription fee. Therefore, you should start by following free horse racing tips. 

Then you won’t risk too much money. There are, in fact, lots of free tips for horse racing out there. All you need to do is to find a platform.

Platforms for horse racing tips

The typical betting platform has plenty of tipsters under the same roof. Most of these tipsters are paid one. This means you need to pay them a subscription fee to see their racing tips. 

platform for free horse racing tips

Some of these paid tipsters are good, and some are not. However, the essential factor here is that these platforms have free racing tips.

How? You might wonder. As they got plenty of tipsters, they also got plenty of racing tips. Every day these platforms choose a tipster in form, a paid one, of course. Then, they send out his racing tips to all email subscribers. Free!

Professional Horse Racing Tips

How to find professional horse racing tips? There are several methods to find racing tips of value. Some need not look very much. Instead, they do their research and come up with various expert tips, entirely by themselves.

However, these constitute a minority. The most common thing when it comes to horse racing betting is that most people lose. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is over.

On the contrary, many turn to professional horse racing tips, which can be seen as a collective name for racing tips from established tipsters. Most often, you have to pay for these racing tips. However, there are a lot of free racing tips.

However, these racing tips usually only be free for a little while. It’s an excellent way for diverse tipsters to capture an audience.

If you instead want to pay for your racing tips, be my guest. It might be useful. However, my suggestion is to start following free racing tips first. Then you get a feel of how it works. 

After a while, you will see which tipsters and racing tips that are of value as you will get information from Betting Gods and Tipstrr about the tipster behind the free racing tips.

How to find free horse racing tips?

By registering on established tipster platforms, you usually get access to daily free racing tips. The great thing about these platforms is that the racing tips come from professional tipsters.
Most often, these free racing tips are usually based on form, which means that the tipsters who have done well lately have their paid tips published.
Firstly, these tipsters get attention; secondly, ordinary punters can access these betting tips, which are entirely free of charge.

Are there any good racing tips that are free?

Both yes and no, the problem with free racing tips is that these tipsters or platforms become very popular. This means that it can be challenging to secure the right odds.
The reason is simply that the odds disappear quickly. Which is the biggest reason people pay for racing tips.

What to think about?

Do not choose racing tips at random. Above all, not free tips. That racing tips are free is no reason to invest a lot of money.
Try to keep yourself calm and look through various services before choosing to bet for money.

Who’s the best tipster?

We believe the tipsters on Tipstrr are of great value.

Professional Horse Racing Tips
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