Three (#3) profitable Horse Racing Tips you need to know!

When it comes to betting, horse racing is the world’s third most favourite sport. And, with regards to watch, it is the world’s 10th much-loved activity. Indeed, horse racing is more valued for the money and bets you can place over the actual thrill in the sport itself. Almost anyone who watches the game wants to place a wager and see some results. But, the odds of you winning are less. This is why you need to stick to some professional horse race betting tips to make the most! In this post, let’s focus on five tips that can change your payouts during the game. 

#1 Homework!

First things first, you need to do as much homework as possible. Every day, thousands of active players tend to bet millions of pounds on horse races. A tiny percentage of this crowd spends time doing any research. Most people don’t even know about the horse, before betting on it. This means the game is based on a cursory glance for many. This will reduce your chances of winning and taking home some money. 

Racing forms, which are famously known as form guides, have all the information required about the game and the horses. Though it doesn’t give details on which horse is the luckiest, you will learn about the game to make a much-informed decision.

#2 A variety of bets

So far, you may have followed a typical wager: choose a horse and wait for it to win the race. Nevertheless, there are so many other kinds of bets too. The others can take the game to the next level for you. To make use of these bets, you need to study them and try to strategically incorporate them into your winning play. 

There are three basic types of betting systems. One, the fixed betting systems are standard in most sports. This is where you place a bet based on standard, fixed odds. And, the payout is calculated based on the odds. The odds can be expressed in the form of decimals, fractions or money line odds. It generally depends on the host country! 

The second most famous betting system is used during horse racing and is known as the tote betting or pari-mutuel. Here, the payout is computed based on the stakes during the bet. When more people choose to make a bet, the pool of stakes will increase. As a result, payout eventually increases. Yet, the outcome depends on the original stake. This kind of betting involves more thrill, mainly because you wouldn’t know the actual size of the pool. Also, you are less likely to know how many people placed winning bets! 

The third and last betting system is called exchange betting. This strongly relies on technology and doesn’t depend on a bookmaker. Using exchange betting, you would place your bet against another individual. For example, you need to choose a horse, then the odds and finally the stake amount. Meanwhile, you should wait for another person to bet against your original selection. Exchange betting is always useful in making lay bets on horses.

To make the most from horse betting, you need to understand the systems and choose something that best fits your requirements. To enjoy a bigger payout, you can select multiple betting system. Try to use them smartly in your strategy. 

#3 Multiple bets in the same game

Finally, you can choose to place multiple bets during the same race. This depends on the horses you pick. And, this will make it easier for you to win and even increase your payouts. Once again, you should have done enough homework and be confident about each selection made. There are two methods for betting on two different horses in the same game: the quinella and the exacta bets. 

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